Freedom Juniors

The Freedom Juniors Soccer Skills Training Program is an extension of the Freedom Soccer Club.  Freedom Juniors is not a team, it is a soccer specific training environment for young players who desire to improve their soccer skills, understanding, and enjoyment of the game.  The Freedom Juniors program is an advanced program.  This is a supplement to recreation soccer.
It is recommended for all girls and boys ages 6-11 years old who enjoy playing soccer and want to  improve their soccer skills.
Purpose of Freedom Juniors
The focus of the program is to help children develop the technical foundation needed to enjoy and play the game of soccer at the next level. This will be accomplished by placing the players in an age appropriate soccer environment.  The emphasis will be fun and individual technical development.  
Training will focus on improving dribbling, shooting, passing, ball control and other technical skills,  Creativity will be encouraged.  Included in the sessions will be activities to improve decision-making, foot speed, balance and coordination.  Small-sided games will also be utilized to encourage skill application and promote team play.
This program is offered at different times during the year.  Contact us at about registering for the next session or click here for the most recent brochure.